Saturday, 29 November 2008

Wanut sideboard in situ

The walnut sideboard got delivered yesterday and the client was really happy. I chose the wettest day to drive to London with it sticking out the back of the van! I built an MDF case to completely protect it though so it got to site in perfect condition. What a day though. London stresses me out!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Brighton Carpenter

The window seat, wardrobes and bookcase are all done... It's nice to do something that fits so nicely with the character of the property. This job took a day and a half to fit and is ready to be filled up with books etc straight away. I'm really pleased with it!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Brighton Carpenter

This Brighton property needed a Carpenter to make some doors to their kitchen. They asked for something a bit different and they wanted the new doors to let more light in than the existing solid ones. I came up with this sunbeam design which they loved! The original opening was square so I carried out all the work to form an arch. The doors were then varnished and the walls were plastered and decorated so the job was finished properly.

If you need a carpenter in Brighton click here to visit the Blue Sky Brighton Carpenters website.


Relaxing Chair

Nest of tables in the style of three people playing twister!

Flamingo side table

After a time spent boat building in Falmouth I went to Exeter to study furniture design. It was a great experience and I have many happy memories of my time there (and not all pub based I promise!) During the course we got to explore different media such as ceramics and glass but I decided to concentrate on making wooden furniture. We were enchoraged to approach design with fresh ideas and I use this approach when working with clients today. I thought you might be interested in some of the work I produced for my degree show. I followed a theme of using human or animal forms as a basis for making furniture.. they love that sort of stuff at uni!
I left university with a 2:1. This would have been a 1st if there hadn't been a table tennis table in the student union bar! If you click here you can see a really bad picture of me and my furniture on the University website.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Painted Units

This week I have started a job for a house near Queens Park in Brighton. I normally try and produce a drawing for my clients so that they have a better understanding of what to expect and here is the drawing for this job. It has open shelves to the left of a window which connects the front room to the kitchen. Below the window is a panelled window seat which hinges up so it can be used for storage. To the right of the window is a big wardrobe with panelled doors. Inside the wardrobe are fully adjustable shelves. I will post pics of the units when they are fitted... should be the middle of next week.