Friday, 22 January 2010


This job was for a Brighton couple who ran their own business from home. They wanted a workstation which would compliment their minimalist house so I designed this clean looking desk, drawer unit and floating shelf. Here's the drawing for the job...

Underneath the desk there are two false backs which slide from side to side allowing easy access to the wall sockets and internet connections. This means that the wires from the computers, printers and telephones are neatly hidden away. The whole job is sprayed with a tough polyurethane paint which is wipe clean and will not scratch or mark from day to day use.

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Carpenter Brighton

This Grand Oak staircase was fitted in a Property in Romford, Essex. I normally work around Brighton and Hove but travel further for jobs that really interest me. This job was a real test of staircase setting out and planning. Not only did the treads become wider as you walked down they also curved outward. This meant making specific templates for each tread as well as curving solid oak risers all the way up the first flight.

The spindles and newel posts were turned to an original design and the carved newel caps were done by a specialist carver. They also did the acorn design on the staircase string.

A detail which I was not happy with was the position the builders had put the doorway on the first floor landing. They formed the doorway a foot off centre... They have moved it now!

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