Thursday, 23 October 2008

Boy's room

I've just gone back to a Brighton property where I fitted some units last week. A room in the house had been set aside as a refuge for the husband and his boy's toys! There were games consoles, records, record deck and DVDs etc. The clients wanted a modern feel so I came up with this design which looks quite clean and simple.
The shelves on the wall are "floating" rather than being on battens. All the doors are touch to open and a record deck pulls out of the middle unit on heavy duty full extension drawer runners. When not in use the record drawer slides out of sight and everything is kept neat and tidy.
Some carpenters forget about electrics when fitting jobs like this. I like to work with the customer to make sure any wires or plug sockets are properly moved or hidden away to make the job as professional as possible. This job has access behind all the units so the clients can run wires and plugs where ever they are needed. I once saw a job where someone had cut a hole in the corner of a cupboard door to trail a TV aerial out! Awful!!
I've got allot more examples of cabinet work like this at the Blue Sky Brighton Carpenters website. Click here to go straight to my portfolio.

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